Classical Praise
Andrea Broido, Soprano
Kyiv Symphony Orchestra and Chorus
Roger McMurrin, Conductor

1. Laudamus Te  (Mozart)
2. O Lord Most Holy (Franck)
3. Rejoice Greatly (Handel)
4. Come Unto Him (Handel)
5. Praise Thou the Lord (Mendelssohn)
6. Benedictus (Haydn)
7. God So Loved the World (Stainer)
8. Gesù Bambino (Yon)
9. My Heart Ever Faithful (Bach)
10. Sanctus (Gounod)
11. Jauchzet Gott in Allen Landen (Bach)
12. Laudate Dominum (Mozart)
13. Alleluia (Mozart)

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When I first heard the Kyiv (Kiev) Symphony Orchestra and Chorus on tour in 2004, I was deeply touched by Conductor Roger McMurrin's story and subsequently influenced by reading the book The Splendor of His Music, written by Roger’s wife Diane. Shortly after that concert I knew in my heart that I should record a CD with the musicians of Kiev that would glorify God.

We have all been given an innate desire to be elevated above and beyond our daily existence; the arts can provide that for us. Seeing a work of art can uplift us; a ballet or play can transport us to a different plane. For me personally, this is why I love singing opera. However, my first love has always been sacred music –lifting to the highest plane.

Since my early training as a classical musician, I have observed a huge shift in music in both pop culture as well as in houses of worship, where the trend is now for ‘simpler’, easier, basically more accessible music. Sometimes a contemporary praise chorus perfectly fits my mood, but at other times, I find my spirit yearning to hear (or sing) the inspired works of the Masters, which better represent the intricate nature and the awesomeness of our Lord.

Diane McMurrin speaks of this same sacred music in her book. “The attributes of God are described in the language of music: power, peace, compassion, justice, majesty, and blessing. Music is a vehicle to see God…the people come for edification… they come expecting an experience to make them more noble, more educated, more cultured. …God’s power is in this music. He becomes real to them through the divine spark of creativity that ordained it… In the performance of this music, they receive the gift of feeling God’s splendor…” (quoted with permission from The Splendor of His Music, pages 213 & 214) .

I have been so moved and at the same time humbled by the incredible amount of support I have received from family, friends, and my church, the Manoa Presbyterian Church. I am so grateful to the Lord for giving me this opportunity and for blessing me with continual grace as I prepared for this recording. It would be impossible to list by name everyone who helped bring forth this “Classical Praise” CD. Friendship and encouragement, advice and/or financial support came from many, and I want you to know that I deeply appreciate all of you!

My greatest hope for this CD is that you – the listeners - will be richly blessed as you hear how these words and this music truly reflect the honor and praise due our Lord and Creator!

To God be the glory!