The surprise is Andrea Broido...What I hear on this disc is a strong, gleaming lyric soprano, capable of genuine glow sound when riding over the orchestra and at the same time able to provide a good deal of dynamic shading.” - Henry Fogel

— Fanfare Magazine

Andrea Broido (the Governess) possesses a lyrical soprano well suited for the Britten score and its demands…Broido was firmly in control. ”

— The Virginia Gazette, Williamsburg

Andrea Broido handled the punishing role of the Governess – she remains onstage through most of the opera – with strength and a voice tinged with fear.”

— Newport News Daily Press

(An) attractive high soprano voice... ”

— New York Times

The centerpieces of this Concerto Soloist's Concert were three scenes from Handel's Acis and Galatea...The young soprano is started on a promising approach to this music. Her voice is appealing and strong, her trill became increasingly effective and she sang these recitatives and arias with regard for clear texts. ”

— Philadelphia Inquirer

In the performance of Verdi's Requiem... Soprano Andrea Broido, whose performance of Violetta in Berks Grand Opera's La Traviata lives on in the memory of all who saw it, gave celestial readings throughout. Most striking was the moment during the ‘Offertorio' when her ‘Sed' (but) shone through the choral darkness like a warm and transparent beam of light announcing the angel Michael. ”

— Reading Eagle

Andrea Broido was totally convincing both dramatically and musically in her role as the Governess; her voice was luminous and strong throughout a wide range. ”

— Port Folio Magazine

Andrea Broido, happily, was a memorable Violetta, who not only looked and acted the part, but had one of the best voices I have ever heard on the Rajah stage. Using her brilliant top range, she infused ‘Sempre Libera' with feverish gaiety; with her full, expressive lower range she portrayed every emotion, evolving from the coquette to the mature, noble woman of Act Two to the exhausted wraith of Act Three...BGO's La Traviata was one that no one in the audience is likely to forget soon, especially the last, painful glimpse of Violetta's face just before her death, crying 'gioia!' It was a sharp image... ”

— Reading Eagle

In Handel's chamber opera Acis and Galatea...most successful was Andrea Broido as Galatea...Broido's greatest strength was the warmth of her voice as she sang of her ‘fierce desire'...she sustained its (the aria's) dramatic and musical force with ardor. ”

— Philadelphia Inquirer

Broido is a voluptuous operatic heroine. Her precise eurhythmic vibrato punctuated each lyric as she soared in true coloratura-soprano style. Her arias –especially ‘Caro Nome' – seemed to cause the very roof of the venerable theatre to resonate. Andrea Broido brings true stellar quality to our region's trove of vocal treasures. ”

— Reading Eagle